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Wednesday, August 05, 2009

"blowing up words til there were none"

Ida still makes some of the most fucking beautiful music I've ever heard. Now, unlike when I was in law school and they played all the time, getting to see them live is the rare treat (October 3rd!!). But the old songs and the new ones are in constant rotation.

I was going to say I like the constancy of that, at a time when my emotions are a bit scrambled and mixed up, but actually, the songs take on a different meaning whenever I listen.

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At August 06, 2009, Blogger Ichael said...

instantly knew this would be ida related after i saw the title in my rss feed, and promptly heard "shotgun" in my head. hadn't seen this video, is that michael? puts even more weight on the song.

i used to go see them all the time as well, richmond, philly, dc, where ever i could track them down, one of my favs. they made me cry slinging their sentimentality around and making random venues feel like home.


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