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Monday, July 27, 2009

McCain-Palin t-shirt in Levi's ad in subway station: What does it mean?

I saw this last night as part of several Levi's ads right next to each other in the 14th/8th subway station. What does it mean? Odd that I saw it right as Palin was resigning. "All I Need Is All I Got"? Losing candidates? Seriously, I'm perplexed.

Levi's ad with McCain-Palin t-shirt

Levi's ad with McCain-Palin t-shirt

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At July 27, 2009, Blogger Katis Kupcakes said...

i second the question "what is up with that" makes no sense! Jeans company should stay out of politics imo!

At July 27, 2009, Anonymous Victoria said...

It looks like the original ad featured a shirtless woman ( I'm wondering if they had to add the tank top to make it better suited for public consumption and someone just graffitied the McCain/Palin thing over the shirt.


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