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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Ben & Jerry's pro-gay marriage ice cream ad in Harvard Square subway station

My weekend was crazy, chaotic, ridiculous, fun, and cupcake-filled. I'd say it didn't go according to plan, but there was no plan, so that's not quite right. It was definitely an adventure and took me all over Boston and its suburbs. Despite my bad Boston travel karma, I made it onto the Bolt Bus home. Busy week ahead before flying Friday night to Minneapolis. Looking for a spot for long solo spa/writing weekend cause that's what I need. Well, what I really need is to get out of NYC for good, but I can't pull that off overnight, so in the meantime, a spa weekend would be nice.

I did get to sleep on piles of both firm and soft pillows at my hotel last night. They were heavenly, and made it very hard to get up.

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