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Sunday, June 21, 2009

T-shirt modeling for Culturebot

Busy weekend, was in Danbury, CT Friday night, heading to NJ today for Father's Day, saw Lynn Shelton's film Humpday finally last night! Sadly, I haven't written a word and there are a ton of anthology deadlines coming up, so I have to get cracking tonight.

Here's the new Culturebot t-shirt, as modeled by me, click here to purchase:

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At June 21, 2009, Blogger Mad said...

I'm sorry to sound lecherous, but that picture is just.. mesmerizing. Wait, there are *words* on the shirt?

At June 23, 2009, Anonymous neve black said...

Holy, look how amazing you look in that tee-shirt!

p.s. No lude/lecherous intentions either. ;-)


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