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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Murray Hill is live at Comix on Thursday!

The hilarious showman, performer, host and so much more, Murray Hill, is performing two shows tomorrow night at Comix at 7:30 and 9:30 (click here for details/tickets). (See my 2006 Gothamist interview with Murray.) Barring major work/packing for Kansas City, I'll be at the late show.

Here's what Comix says about the event:

Downtown’s king of comedy and master of off-the-cuff repartee, MURRAY HILL, a.k.a. “the hardest working middle-aged man in show business,” is pleased to announce two special live shows for the taping of his first-ever comedy album. He has put together a Las Vegas lounge-style show based on his nightclub act from the past decade to record his album.

Murray will be performing his trademark blend of hammy Borscht Belt humor, irreverent monologues, so-bad-it’s-gotta-be-good crooning, biting celebrity impersonations, freewheeling ad-libbing, and raucous audience interaction. He’ll regale the audience with tales from his early showbiz days—like getting discovered by Don Rickles while bussing tables at The Copacabana; opening for the guy who opened for the guy who opened for Martin and Lewis; his trailblazing spoon-playing beginnings; his disastrous mayoral campaign against Giuliani; his fifth career comeback and chronic middle-aged crisis; and, of course, cavorting with and losing the ladies (including one of his 12 ex-fiancés, who dumped him for Regis Philbin).

Murray will debut new original songs penned with his pianist and other members of his band that have never been performed before an audience. He’ll be accompanied by pianist PAUL LESCHEN and FISHERMAN’S XLYPHONIC ORCHERSTRA with BRIAN NEWMAN blowing his horn.

The evening will also feature two new videos shot and directed by MARY C. MATTHEWS: “Murray 101,” Murray’s backstory with archival footage from his days as a neglected toddler, to slugging it out in the nightclubs, to his current status as comic veteran; and “Tie Biz” a video showcase of Murray’s vast collection of vintage polyester ties.

And Friday night I'll be heading to Kansas City, so I will miss The Candy Janes at Comix. They're new to me but sound fun: "Sultry and Salty Dance Cabaret."

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