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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Delta sucks, don't fly Delta!

Sadly, as I thought I already posted (it didn't go through anywhere but Flickr), I did not make it to Kansas City this weekend. I'm mostly over it, though still a bit annoyed at being stuck in New York, but do need to share why I hope I never will buy a ticket from Delta Airlines again.


I got to the airport at 5:40 for my 6:50 flight from LaGuardia to Kansas City, MO, last night. I had rearranged my day to do so and got a car service ($25 plus $7 tip). As I was arriving, around 5:30, I got a call saying the flight was delayed until 8:50. Then once I checked in, as I was about to head to the gate, I got a call saying my flight was cancelled due to "weather."

Yes, we had a flash storm, that sucked. BUT other planes were taking off, and if the flight had left when it was supposed to, at 8:50, that storm would've been long over. Instead, Delta rebooked me on a flight tonight, which I wasn't about to take only to spend less than 24 hours in Kansas City. They are refunding me my full $199.20 but in addition to the time wasted, I could've saved the $32 in car service fare if they had only told me a bit earlier that the flight was delayed. Then I'd have been home when they told me it was cancelled. But no, stupid Delta didn't do that.

The one good thing is that I discovered I could take the M60 bus using my Metrocard, and therefore didn't have to pay anything to return. Still, I'm pissed because they cancelled a ton of fights and there was no reason for it that I can see, and while they did call and email, it was too late. They should've done it sooner, and Delta has lost me as a customer.

Which reminds me, I have to book my Minneapolis trip, and will be booking a new non-Delta trip to Kansas City for sometime in August. I wish I hadn't wasted so many other days this year, but I'm already mentally plotting where I want to go in 2010: Seattle, Las Vegas, Chicago.

I did walk a lot in New York today, and read most of the Please, Sir submissions awaiting me. I have about half the book filled, which means I still need a good 10-12 more stories, so please send them in! (Properly formatted ONLY, see guidelines for details - it's a record high for poor formatting this time around.) For once in my life, I am determined to file Please, Sir and Please, Ma'am early. That feels great because I don't like the idea of having too many books to work on at once, and I need that sense of completion for my own sanity. Next week is also the deadline for a bunch of anthologies I want to submit to, so I'm gonna use this weekend to finish all these half-done stories. I hope to, anyway. And catch up on season 1 of Mad Men so I'm ready for season 2 on DVD July 14th.

I will post later, but I'm back to the drawing board with Best Sex Writing 2010 and trying to finalize my July readers for In The Flesh. It is nice to have an entire weekend all to myself with no plans though; hope I can remember that. I also looked at glasses at Facial Index, lusting over a green pair but I have to mull it over. At least when I do get to KC, I will look better than I do now: good glasses, haircut, etc.

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At June 27, 2009, Blogger Al Sensu said...

Sorry for your lousy experience, but I think if you veto every airline that pulls a stung like that, you'll soon be limited to Amtrak. It's a rampant practice and it stinks, but I've experienced or heard similar stories with every major carrier. That said, might as well punish the ones who did it to you as long as you can.


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