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Monday, May 04, 2009

Fun weekend, mad week

I'm really slammed this week, after a very relaxing weekend in which I had a sexy, fun hotel date with my boyfriend, read in the sun, walked from 60th/1st to Billy's Bakery at 23rd/9th, finished reading a fascinating book galley on the treadmill, and went to the 40/40 Club to watch my friend Abiola Abrams rock VH1's Tough Love.

This week, in addition to getting ready for Geneva (I leave Friday, more on that later), I need to buy a flip cam, make a TV show audition tape, make stickers for In The Flesh postcards, and do fun things like play in a chess tournament and visit with the visiting Bay Area publicists and go watch a cupcake frosting machine demo. So, you know, kindof the usual. Hence, blog posting may be light.

Also, if you have anything to email me, doing it by Thursday or else when I'm back on the 17th is highly recommended. I'll be checking email minimally while away, but my assistant Inara will be checking for anything urgent. Just a heads up. If I have Internet access I'm sure I'll send some photos but do want to try to have a vacation, or as much of one as I can have while traveling with my mom.

My guy and I went to this Japanese restaurant Sakagura that we found on Yelp. Turns out he'd been there before but it was lovely and romantic and the food was all served in small portions, so we got to sample lots of stuff:

Soy sauce purse at Sakagura!
a soy sauce purse!

Soft shell crab at Sakagura
He was more into the soft shell crab than I was, but it was yummy

At the 40/40 Club with my chocolate martini
I took a few sips of this chocolate martini - the nachos supreme, though, was wonderful at 40/40 Club

Abiola Abrams on VH1's Tough Love
It was very exciting to see my friend on TV; go Abiola! And yes, I was the dorky girl sitting in front of the giant TV screen snapping photos.

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