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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Feminist Sex at In The Flesh: LA on May Hustler Hollywood!

I rarely say this, and rarely think it, but I wish I were going to be in LA on May 13th to hear all about feminist sex at In The Flesh: LA at Hustler Hollywood. It has a great lineup, helmed by the one and only Stan Kent, who I think I met a while ago in LA, introduced by Tristan Taormino.

One of the readers is Shira Tarrant, whose new book Men and Feminism I'm looking forward to reading soon.

From In The Flesh LA:

It is almost 31 years to the day that Hustler Magazine released it's June 1978 issue that was to cause such a stir. It was the infamous "Meat Grinder" cover on which Larry Flynt pronounced that Hustler would no longer hang women up as pieces of meat. Much controversy surrounded the issue and a lot of the satire and point of the cover was lost in the outrage of those times. Now, all these years later, thanks to the growing involvement of women taking charge of their portrayal in erotica, that pronouncement has come true with women dominating the industry and the marketplace. The porn paradigm shift will be celebrated at the next In The Flesh, Wednesday May 13 at 8pm at Hustler Hollywood, where the subject is Feminist Sex - and just for old time's sake - here's the cover that started all the discussion.

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