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Friday, April 10, 2009

Sex link love and hate

"The Business of Sex" by Betty Dodson

Had no idea that the Sundance Channel had a sex blog with Em and Lo and Lux Alptraum writing for it! (via Sexy Twitterati article on

The long-awaited Said in Bed ("It’s the same size as all my previous boyfriends.")

Violet Blue on Bristol Palin, Levi Johnston, abstinence and sex education

"Is This Bisexual Thing Way Overblown?" - FoxNews - needless to say, I find this a really superficial treatment of the issue. I'm waiting to hear back from a VIE (Very Important Editor) about a piece I just wrote about bisexuality. I don't think the question to be asking is "But how many people actually identify as bisexual?" so much as "How can we make people comfortable acknowledging whoever they desire?" I think way too much focus has been put on the labeling/"identifying" and not as much on the emotions.

What about this older piece from Nerve by Chris Rockwell called "Head Case?" See: complicated. (quoted below) Having only three labels ("gay," "straight" and "bi") just cannot encompass human sexuality properly.

Let's establish something up front: I'm not gay. Which is not to say I haven't given it a fair shot. I've kissed guys before at bars and parties — I was drunk, they were there, it was 2002 — and although the experience was pleasant enough, the pink neurons just didn't fire. I'm an ardent admirer of the male form, but a six-pack and cannonball shoulders are qualities I'd rather view in a mirror than under me in bed. (My first and only male crush was on Bret Michaels — I was fifteen, and it was more envy than lust.) I have gay friends, but I am literally girl crazy. The only thing that mars my practically unblemished record as a straight man is my undeniable — at times, overwhelming — desire to suck a cock.

Occasionally I'll fantasize about watching straight porn with a guy before jerking off together and emulating the acts on the screen. Or sucking off the more notable of my girlfriend's sexual conquests. Or lining up a varsity swim team and making like a circus seal. Put simply, I think penises are awesome. And therein lies the problem. I'm turned on by a body part, not so much the person it's attached to.

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