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Thursday, April 02, 2009

Performance art in a Williamsburg apartment: Home by Noémie Lafrance

Last night Andy Horwitz invited me to go to this performance art piece in Williamsburg. All I knew was what it says here, which I'd barely glanced at. I didn't know you were expected to bring a camera, but I'm so glad I had my iPhone. We had to wash our hands before the performance, I can tell you that. I don't go to that much performance art, and certainly not like this. I was iffy on the hands-on part of it but wound up really enjoying it. There was plenty that confused me, but plenty that intrigued me. My hands got dirty. I'm not a theater critic, so I'll leave it at that and let my photos tell a different kind of story. More are here, use them if you want, just credit me, and you can read Andy's review at Culturebot. It reads in part:

I can’t tell whether its really cool performance art or Noemie’s “hippie earth mother phase”. I guess I just have to let go of the whole “either/or” thing and embrace it for what it is - a mystical performance ritual and journey through the cycles of life from birth to death to birth. Also the cycle of the planet from farmland to city to industrial wasteland to darkness to renewal. Also the cycle of woman - from mother to feral “woman who runs with the wolves” to subjugated house maid to sex kitten to business woman to mother to grave.

Home's official blurb:

The Home performances invite the audience to convene around the body, interact with the performer and explore the body as a place. By way of a series of mise en scene that depict the micro and the macro body(ies), the subject and object body(ies), the body(ies) as public vs. private space, Home unfolds as a surreal and sensual voyage on the body’s infinite landscapes.


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