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Monday, April 06, 2009

My next two books: Bottoms Up and Peep Show

I'm on lots of deadlines right now, some very exciting things, and we're also writing a cupcake book proposal, so keep your fingers crossed on that. I just booked my very first signing, in 8 years of attendance, for Book Expo America, aka my favorite time of the year, aka free book orgy! It's so fun and my back hurts by the end but it's worth it, and this year I'll be signing free copies of Best Sex Writing 2009 on Friday, March 29th, so stay tuned. I feel all excited that the pages upon pages of author signings that I go through and highlight and mark up will include me. I also can't wait to see who'll be signing, because I honestly am that big of a book nerd.

Cooking up lots of other good stuff (and by "cooking" I mean plotting/planning, not actual cooking, though I did make a huge serving of kale and garlic for myself the other day) too, but wanted to give you a heads up since these are my next two books out:

Bottoms Up: Spanking Good Stories will be out in August!

Here's the final table of contents:

Introduction: Getting Spanked Again (and Again)

A Thousand Words Donna George Storey
The Hardest Part by Alison Tyler
A Firm Understanding by Elizabeth Coldwell
Prime Time by Teresa Noelle Roberts
Ass Worship by Jerry Arthur
The Purple Balloon by Tess Danesi
Sorority Sister by Dominique Dunbar
Days by Simon Sheppard
Bossy by Sommer Marsden
Oscar and Holly Bill Kte’pi
Lonnie’s Licks by Tenille Brown
The Swinging Spankers Club by Stan Kent
Reenactment by Zille Defeu
Confessor by Craig J. Sorensen
The Spanking Machine by Rachel Kramer Bussel
Stuffing the Ballot Box by Andrea Dale
Tease for Two by Maddy Stuart
I’m Going to Grab Your Hair by N. T. Morley
Flaming by Jean Roberta
Helping Those in Need by Gwen Masters

I don't have the Table of Contents for Peep Show yet but will have it soon, but can tell you I got an overwhelming and, to some extent, unwanted amount of submissiosn about sex work. People took "Peep Show" extremely literally, when really it was meant more as a fun way of saying "exhibitionism and voyeurism." A lot of the stories were excellent, but since I didn't want to edit a book of sex work erotica, but rather, exhibitionism and voyeurism erotica, I had to weed out pretty heavily but I'm excited about what I've included. More details down the road - the book isn't out until November. All I have to say is, pretty much no one bought Hide and Seek so this book has to do better than that and I have high hopes for it, plus I want to do another book trailer because it seems tailor made for a sexy stage and a YouTube-friendly stripper.

I'm about to turn it in and am excited to be done, finally, and moving on to the next projects. I just signed four new erotica anthology contracts with Cleis for books coming out in 2010, and, as I said, plotting and planning and articles and such await!

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At April 10, 2009, Blogger Ichael said...

Is there a more independent place to pre-order Peep Show rather than Amazon?


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