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Thursday, April 02, 2009

A momoir anthology: Because I Love Her edited by Andrea N. Richesin


Now's the time for all sorts of mom books (many of them memoirs, aka momoirs) to come out, from Heather B. Armstrong's It Sucked and Then I Cried to the Postcards from Yo Momma book Love, Mom< to Storked! blogger Christine Coppa's single mom memoir Rattled! to Tori Spelling's Mommywood (yes, it's coming out April 14th and I can't wait to read it, why do you ask?).

One of the ones to definitely check out is Because I Love Her, edited by Andrea N. Richesin (aka Nicki). My friends Rachel Sarah, author of the memoir Single Mom Seeking, Elise Miller, the lovely and talented author of Star Craving Mad and former East Side Oral host, and Catherine Crawford, who I don't know that well but is married to my friend Mac, are in it. I've met all their kids (and am going to visit Elise next weekend cause I haven't seen her in forever) and can say they are great moms, great people, and great writers. Rachel's essay, about how she barely speaks to her mom, and drops her daughter off for visits but doesn't go in, is heartwrenching. Elise's will appeal to all the slutty (or formerly slutty) girls. I haven't read Catherine's yet, but I plan to as soon as...I find my copy of the book! I recently had to move a whole bunch of stuff so tons of books are stacked up, and many others were shoved into another room to clear off space.

Sorry if that's an uncreative and sappy sentence; I don't really care. Nicki asked me for some writer recommendations way back when and I gave her Rachel and Elise's names. Katherine Center and a whole bunch of other writers are in the book too. I'm especially happy to see these women who I totally admire in the book, and Elise and Catherine in this video below:

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