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Thursday, April 23, 2009

A bisexual romance novel hero: Butterfly Tattoo by Deidre Knight

I read this A- review of Deidre Knight's e-book Butterfly Tattoo the other day at Smart Bitches Trashy Books. You can also read an excerpt of the book online.

This is part of what Smart Bitch Sarah wrote:

Rebecca O’Neill is a former actress who was attacked by a crazed fan, stabbed and slashed and left for dead. A few years later, she is a shell of her former self, scarred and damaged, afflicted with asthma and a tendency toward panic disorders. Instead of an actress, she’s a producer, working behind the scenes, hiding behind her hair, living in the shadow of the sets that constituted her former life.

When the lights go out in her office, she meets Michael Warner and his daughter, Andrea. Michael, an electrician, seems as lost and sad as Rebecca does, but because they meet in the dark, Rebecca feels secure enough to act a tiny bit on the instant and powerful attraction between herself and Michael. When she volunteers to take Andrea to get something to eat while he works on the power, she learns that Andrea is scarred like she is, and that Andrea’s father, Alex, died. Michael, Andrea says, is her step father. Michael, it would seem, is gay.

Yet Michael is drawn to Rebecca, as is Andrea, and the three of them form fast and deep connections across lines that aren’t normally crossed in a romance. Not only is Michael conflicted about getting over the memory of his first love, but he’s conflicted about being attracted to a woman, about bringing her into his life, about whether he’s gay, or bi, or straight, or just broken.

Rebecca is cautious, and tries to break out of her assumptions and predefined concepts of gayness and straightness - which are pretty clear-cut in Hollywood culture, it seems - and learns to trust Michael, trust herself, and try risking herself and her emotional happiness, trading her stagnant inert life for the excitement and potentially painful hurt of being with Michael.

I was intrigued, and then magically, based on my The Daily Beast article, it was sent to me by the agency repping it. So I plan to read it...well, I was going to say "soon," but I also have about 5-15 other books I want to read soon. Anyway, though, I thought the sexuality aspect of this novel was fascinating and really do look forward to reading it, whenever I can. I am Kindle/e-book-reader less, so had to get it as a PDF.

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