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Monday, April 20, 2009

Back from Boston

Yes, I met Johnny Cupcakes!
Me with Johnny Cupcakes, who has the coolest house ever (I will explain why later)

I have plenty I want to say, about the 90+ (I think) people who packed In The Flesh on Thursday, prompting a complaint email about how it's too crowded at Happy Ending, then the fear every author has - you do a reading and no one shows up! (Okay, three people did.) I am pondering all of this, the "problem" of overcrowding and how to properly promote a reading, but it'll all have to wait.

Boston was busy and beautiful and fun and fabulous. I'm glad I escaped before Patriots Day, which I had no clue was a real holiday there. My stepfather is running the marathon (I think it's his 42nd marathon!). So Boston report soon, for those who weren't following the play by play.

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