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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

You haven't lived until your Tweets are live on a screen in front of a room full of people

The beautiful, smart, Sarah Palin-mocking Sara Benincasa, just because I think it's a gorgeous photo

So last night I went to the ECNY Awards to celebrate the local comedy community. It was a lot of fun, but I hadn't read this part of the evening's festivities:

"Use Twitter to lifestream your thoughts @ecnyawards during the show for a chance to have them read to the crowd"

So when, um, I Tweeted that Michael Musto was sitting next to me (we chatted briefly about cupcakes), well, everyone saw it.

Congratulations to all the winners, and kudos to all the organizers (I was part of the elusive "Industry Committee," which my friend Claudia Cogan was surprised to hear,perhaps because I am way too out of the comedy loop these days), and to host Jon Friedman. All I can say is it made me want to get back into going to comedy shows!

with Carol Hartsell at the ECNY Awards
Here's me with Drink at Work's Carol Hartsell, who was doing tech last night and was pretty funny when she didn't win. The photo is by Keith Huang. See many more gorgeous photos at The Apiary.

Okay, and I'm just gonna go all gushing fangirl on Sara Benincasa (@SaraJBenincasa on Twitter) cause I think she's awesome. I was SO happy she and Diana Saez won for best short comedic film for the Sarah Palin vlogs. I'm posting one below along with a gorgeous photo of her. She also hosts the Cosmo Radio show Get in Bed on Sirius that I was on last week, among a bazillion other things.

Watch more of her videos on her site and on YouTube.

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