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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Sexy Spiderman

Spidey banned?

Colleen Kane at Nerve's Scanner blog reported on a possible case of library censorship involving a Spiderman graphic novel:

When a 6-year-old boy brought home a Spider-Man graphic novel from his school library in Millard, Nebraska, his mother found it to be age-inappropriate and requested that it be removed from the library.

The offending comic is from 2002 and was rated PG, Ages 12+, and features Mary Jane (above) in a bikini and short skirt. Woah now! It's not like you can see that anywhere you turn like on TV, the Internet, movies, or real life.

The school district's head librarian is forming a committee to determine what course of action to take. And this will take how many resources...?


Interestingly, Craig Yoe's book Secret Identity offers a fascinating look at the bondage and other kinky art Spiderman creator Joe Shuster made. And they're having a book party!

Secret Identity party

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