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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Google maps gone wrong on my iPhone

Yes, even though I've lived in New York since August of 1996, I still sometimes get turned around, especially on the windy, wily streets of the West Village. Last night, I was heading to bakery Batch, which apparently has gotten a reprieve from its sad closing and will be open a little longer (call the store to find out exactly how much longer!).

So last night, after answering 2 hours of questions from NYU journalism students (who knew time could fly so fast when talking about yourself?), I tried to meet my friend and fellow cupcake blogger Stacie Joy there.

Here are the directions I got:

If it's not immediately clear what's wrong with this picture, I'll tell you: You can just make a left on West 10th Street, the street Batch is actually on! Plus it was freezing cold. I'm pretty sure these are meant to be driving directions, in which case it makes sense, except that, oh, I live in New York and don't drive. There really needs to be a "walking directions" option.

I outsmarted these convoluted directions by making said left, only to find Batch closed. least I knew where I was once I got to West 10th. Still, these looping directions had me super confused.

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At March 24, 2009, Blogger Aaron said...

There is a walking directions (and mass transit) option!

You may want to connect your iPhone up and use iTunes to make sure you have the latest version of iPhone software on -- 2.1.1 as walking instructions for sure.


At March 24, 2009, Blogger small1sh said...

Yep. Aaron's right as far as I know. There is a walking directions option.
On my browser there's a toggle down button - with By Car, Walking and Mass Transit options. It's to the left of the Get Directions button.


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