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Saturday, March 14, 2009

Goodbye LaGuardia

7 am flights are all about sleep. I have a whole row to myself and
couldn't be happier. Kudos to anyone even interested in joining the
mile high club so early.

Had to change my reservation from staying with my ex to the wonderful
Susie Felber. Even though we were so different, I miss him. Last
Austin trip was reallly strained between us, but still, feels a little
bittersweet to not have him going. I guess that was probably always an
unrealistic expectation, but hard to let go of.

I'm "hanging out" (his words) with someone new, a very old friend, and
it's actually wonderful. We've had four sleepovers in just two weeks.
We're getting to know each other beyond the public personas but I have
no idea where it's going beyond friends with very kinky benefits. No
idea what he wants, or what I want. I think I'm pretty skittish after
J but also don't want something just about sex. Already I've been
inspired by this new guy to not sell myself so short.

Oh, and I forgot to go to Kiki de Montoarnasse yesterday! Whoops.


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