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Wednesday, February 04, 2009

How to get your free copy of Do Not Disturb: Hotel Sex Stories

I'm giving away 25 copies of Do Not Disturb: Hotel Sex Stories. Yes, really. Plus throwing a book party sometime in late March in NYC and hopefully in a few other cities as well. You can hear me read my story and Tess Danesi of sex blog Urban Gypsy read hers on March 19th at In The Flesh, and we're gonna have one of the stories recorded by Nobilis Erotica. You can read the introduction here. And the book trailer debuts at the end of next week!

Cover of Do Not Disturb: Hotel Sex Stories

So, how do you get your free copy? All you have to do is agree to (and then, you know, actually do it) review the book on within a month of receiving it. I'll take the first 25 eligible addresses. As soon as I get my copies in (should be by the end of this month), I'll send them out via media mail, then you'll have a month to leave your review. It can be long, it can be short, it can be whatever you want. You must have an account and have made a purchase with it, however; that's their rule, not mine, but they will not let you review a book unless you've made a purchase. U.S. addresses only (sorry).

All I need from you (sent to rachelravenous at is:

1. Name and mailing address

2. profile page (the URL, here's mine) showing you've made a purchase or review in the past

3. Your review within a month of receipt of the book

It's that easy to score free smut! I'll update this post once I have 25 addresses and this offer is over.


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At February 13, 2009, Blogger Righteous Metal Broad said...

Hi there, You got mail from me

~ Paula

At February 19, 2009, Blogger Shannon said...

I just sent you an email too!


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