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Wednesday, January 07, 2009

I interviewed Benoit Denizet-Lewis about America Anonymous

I keep forgetting to post this. So, for one, I loved America Anonymous: Eight Addicts in Search of a Life - click there to go to Amazon and read my review. It has all these insights into various types of addiction, from alcohol to crack to sex to food to shoplifting, and he just has a great journalistic eye and gets deep into his subjects' lives in a way that made this a real pageturner and also surveyed much of modern teaching on addiction.

Also, I interviewed Benoit Denizet-Lewis for the Huffington Post.

And he wrote about his sex addiction (which is really only touched on in the book) in the Modern Love column in The New York Times.

Do check out his America Anonymous blog.

I've heard of all sorts of ideas I've never considered before, like talk of a Million Addict March and, last night at his book party, sober high schools. The party was held at a sober living facility in Wiliamsburg, ironically less than a block from the bar formerly known as Kokee's, which, if you missed it, back in the day you could get coke there (I've never done coke, but I used to go there with friends). Now it's some other bar.

And Kristen Johnston was there, and basically said that her mom was horrified that she came out as sober in People magazine. Someone asked if her parents knew, and she said, of course, but her mom didn't want other people to know. So that's part of the point of America Anonymous too, I think, to challenge the idea that anonymity is best in terms of a political movement around funding for treatment.

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