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Friday, December 26, 2008

Too true

Too true
Originally uploaded by Rachel Kramer Bussel
Although mostly I'm just the queen of the Google news alert.


At December 27, 2008, Blogger Adri Leya said...

damn i am SO glad this phrase caught on. i've been throwing it out there in crowds and have only gotten blank faces in response. hahaha google myself!

At December 29, 2008, Blogger davidfcooper said...

I Google myself once every three or four months. I have a very common name, so when I Googled myself for the first time about a decade ago I didn't show up until the 14th page. As recently as three or four years ago I didn't show up until the seventh page, but today I'm on the first page in the number eight position; on Yahoo I'm the fourth David Cooper listed, and on Quintura I'm number three. Adding my middle initial pushes me up into the top spot.


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