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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Hot guy-guy group hug

This photo comes from a site where my books have been the target of a good deal of critique this year, Erotica Cover Watch. They just posted a group hug post with some hot man candy, seen above. And, well, I believe all publicity is good publicity and the thing I'm most concerned with with my book covers is not having dreadful horrible ones (read: Glamour Girls, Sexiest Soles), with in my experience mean - nobody buys them! Yes, that's right, I've seen nada in the weay of royalties and don't expect to from those books, and that's a shame. Glamour Girls was a Lammy finalist, but because the publisher told a completely horribly cover that in no way reflects the hot content inside, they shot themselves, and therefore me, in the foot.

I'm a wretched businesswoman, and this year I've been trying to learn lessons from what didn't sell and what did, and focus only on the latter. I used to believe in putting out books just because I was passionate about them, and I discovered the hard way that if I'm not passionate about them, money is irrelevant, and conversely, I am too in debt to do things that don't pay (another lesson learned this year). I think these are all valuable learning experiences, but they also make me look at book covers with perhaps a more jaded, or simply critical, eye. I will have more to say on effective book marketing and publicity (time provided, which lately is so iffy, the time seems to disappear the minute I start something), like the kind Thursday's In The Flesh reader Rachel Resnick, author of Love Junkie, has been doing, but for now, do check out Thomas Nelson CEO Michael Hyatt's take on book marketing.

But you win some, you lose some, and I got a Merkley??? photo for my Dirty Girls cover and endless hot ones from Cleis that I'm thrilled with. I'm concerned with the bottom line, though I do appreciate criticism when it's well-informed. You can go to Erotica Cover Watch and read and judge for yourselves.

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At December 20, 2008, Blogger kristina lloyd said...

Thanks for the link to ECW. Glad you like the man candy!


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