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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Happy Holidays, off to Connecticut!

Happy Holidays everyone! I will have a, uh, late gift giving/Hannukah gift guide hopefully on Friday, but will be offline save for my iPhone until then, visiting my grandmother in Danbury, Connecticut. I've had a nerdy week full of trivia and chess playing and am trying to finish both work and fun book reading by the new year, though I think some of my TBR books will have to extend into 2009. That's about it, but I wanted to share this photo by Stacie Joy of me and my friend Sloane Miller from last week's In The Flesh, just cause I think it's cute. More here (yes, Flickr blocked them, but those first few pages are all 100% extremely safe for anyone and everything).

Sloane Miller and Rachel Kramer Bussel at True Sex Confessions Night at In The Flesh Reading Series


At December 24, 2008, Blogger PJ said...

Sloane’s a hottie!


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