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Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Congratulations, Jessica Cutler!

I'm so happy for my friend Jessica Cutler, perhaps better known as The Washingtonienne, who even though I never see her these days, is one of my favorite people ever. Seriously, she is fun and wild and sweet and I always have fun with her. So instead of dragging my ass to San Francisco this weekend and being cranky from flying two weekends in a row, the lovely folks at Virgin America (who rock, by the way) are gonna let me push my flight back to January for free, and I get to go to Jessica's wedding!

She and I have both come a long, long way since things like this and this.

Now to figure out what to wear...

Jessica Cutler, soon-to-be-married
Gawker used this photo of her by Bill Wadman, which I adore

She is still pretty much my favorite reader ever at In The Flesh, from back in April 2006 before I wised up and hired someone to videotape everything.

photo by Viviane

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