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Friday, November 14, 2008

Yes, I'm really 33 and I ate this

And not only that, paid $9.15 for it! But what are food bloggers for? I was at the book party for Confetti Cakes for Kids by Elisa Strauss on Tuesday at Dylan's Candy Bar. I didn't know anyone, but chatted with the bartender, who was intrigued with my cupcake blog. I said hello to Elisa, who I'd interviewed twice but had never met, and munched on mini cupcakes and other delights (see full photo set here).

Then, well, I couldn't resist, and I bought this:

Confetti Cakes for Kids book party

Yes, it was good, but you know, much as I love marshmallows, it was (surprise, surprise), a bit of overkill. Or maybe the marshmallows just weren't as popping fresh as they should have been; they weren't stale or anything, but I wound up peeling them off and going for the gooey caramel and the tang of the Granny Smith apple (an aside: I used to eat those as a kid, and now, by marriage, my granny's last name is Smith!).

Confetti Cakes for Kids book party
How's that for food porn?

And by the end, this was what was left:

Confetti Cakes for Kids book party

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