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Monday, November 10, 2008

More Sarah Palin Erotica press

I didn't get back from New Jersey until too late for ramen last night, and took a personal day today to chill at home for my birthday (I just turned 33). Much I want to post but my friend Brownie of Blondie and Brownie made me cupcakes I'm off to pick up before eating Ethiopian food with some of my favorite people.

I will share this link, and much more later, like how Marcelle Manhattan made me believe in myself and my little reading series In The Flesh again by immortalizing it, and the sex she had at it, in her story "Second Date" in Susie Bright's new must-have anthology X: The Erotic Treasury.

For now, check out this interview with me about my site at The Frisky, done by the wonderful Susannah Breslin, who also linked to the site on BoingBoing last week! And yes, I'm well, well aware that the Palin site is in dire need of updating - it's all coming, I promise, I'm just doing one thing at a time.

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