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Saturday, November 15, 2008

Momofuku Milk Bar volcano bun

I stopped by the opening morning chaos of the newly opened Momofuku Milk Bar at 13th/2nd this morning. It's gotten hyped all over the place this week (here's Eater's take).

At just after 11 am, it was hopping, with people in line asking lots of questions, and when questioned about which is better, the volcano bun (roll?) or the pork and egg bun, the staffer waiting on me said, "I'm not sure; we just opened today." Everything looked good, including the brownie pie, famous "crack pie" and soft serve ice cream. I opted for the volcano roll, which has gruyere cheese, potato and pork baked into it. It's not filled the way I had expected, so when I first opened it I was like "where are these promised delights?" They were kindof hidden, but each bite had lots of cheesy goodness. Someone across from me had a pork and egg bun and it took looked super yummy. I'll definitely be back.

inside the yummy volcano bun

See this Flickr set (not mine) for lots more photos.

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