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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Sexualizing Sarah Palin

Since I'm poised to do just that (soon! I promise, just working out the technical kinks), I read these pieces very eagerly, both very smart critiques:

Violet Blue's latest San Francisco Chronicle column is called "No More Palin Porn, Please:"

But the unending tide of Palin porn seems to me to be much more than pointing at a candidate and saying, heh, I saw her play flute in a bikini. Sexist? Too simple an answer -- Palin's platforms are sex-negative, and they were made for walking all over your rape kits, gay marriage and science-based sex education in public schools. She hunts and makes a lot of babies; this bitch is a fertile dominatrix. She's a powerful woman because of her virility, so you can't take it away by making her more sexual. The porning of Palin is more than attempts to strip a female politician of power by sexualizing her; in fact, it's had the opposite effect and her party hasn't backed away from the oozing MILFiness, something we noticed when watching the debates at The
Hat Factory and everyone remarked that Palin was indeed showing some cleavage for the first time as a nominee. I think, perhaps, that we are a nation as depressed as our economy. Everyone knows that in chronic depression, one of the first things to go is the sex drive. We must not let it destroy us. As Americans, we deserve better porn. If a MILF shall lead us, it will be to the dry desert of celibacy. Trust me. I've seen Palin porn.

And she links to something I have no idea how I missed:

Susie Bright on "Why Palin's Sex Life Matters:"

We simply haven't had an overtly fecund, butch, straight-woman sex symbol in so long. She's like Annie Oakley with her six-shooters and her polar bears, her caribou dressing and her moose stew. She's got five kids hanging off of her, and you're like "Hells bells, that woman can fuck in the morning, go out for a long hike on the Arctic tundra, take down a polar bear or two, and be back in time to pass some new creationist legislation." She just kicks ass. I mean, she's just so — mmm. So like a powerful woman. It's exciting, isn't it? I think for every woman who's been appalled at her politics and the platform she's been running on — and this certainly includes me — well, there's this little part of me that's thinking "Oh, If only she was on my side. If only I could kidnap Sarah Palin and just lick her pussy for a few hours, I think we could just work this whole thing out." Do you know how many lesbians are discussing this? My friend Marga Gomez, who's a fantastic dyke comedian, has this line where she says "Sarah Palin? She's having my baby. And we've already named her Drill." If only we could move her political viewpoint around just a little.

image via Violet Blue on Flickr

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