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Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Ravenous Romance to launch December 1st

Reposting this press release - Lori is my agent and is also editing a Men in Shorts anthology for them (see her blog, linked above, for details) and I will be doing something with them too, my first foray into electronic publishing. If you write romance, erotica, erotic romance, etc., you should definitely check them out since they are publishing A BOOK A DAY!

Press Release:

Literary Partners Group, Inc. Forms to
Launch Ravenous Romance™

Erotic romance publisher to provide high-quality, affordable content online

[Boston, MA, September 3, 2008] – Hollan Publishing, Inc. principals Holly Schmidt and Allan Penn have joined forces with literary agent Lori Perkins to form Literary Partners Group, Inc., which has announced the launch of Ravenous Romance™, an online publishing company. Ravenous Romance™ will publish daily novel-length erotic romances, as well as lunchtime “Hot Fling™” short stories in e-book and downloadable MP3 format. The company will offer content online at beginning December 1, 2008.

Recognizing the shrinking margins and increasing obsolescence of print publishing in today’s market, LPG has leveraged their combined expertise and experience in the growing erotica and romance categories, and is taking them to the rapidly-expanding digital market. E-books and audiobooks are two of the strongest growth areas in publishing, as readers have begun to embrace the convenience of downloading material to smart phones, iPods, PDAs, personal computers, and various new-to-market electronic readers such as the Amazon Kindle and the Sony Reader.

Ravenous Romance™ will offer erotic romance – stories with strong plots and character development, but with steamy sex scenes and explicit descriptions of sexual encounters. The stories will feature strong, passionate heroines and plots that express a broad range of fantasies. Ravenous Romance™ will be a destination site for women, with erotica that celebrates female sexuality, and strong Web 2.0 community-building features.

“We’re not the first in this arena, but we have a competitive advantage due to our unique experience and our ability to price and market our product aggressively, without the channel conflict that characterizes the large trade publishers’ forays into e-books,” says publisher and co-founder Holly Schmidt, who also points out that none of their competitors offer both audiobooks and e-books, nor do they offer new material with the frequency that Ravenous Romance™ will. “We will succeed by producing exceptionally high-quality erotic fiction by award-winning writers and their protégées, and offering it to our readers at an extremely competitive price point. In today’s market, consumers want quality content at an affordable price, with a visually-appealing and user-friendly retail interface. That is what Ravenous Romance™ will deliver.”

Romance is the most popular genre in modern literature, generating $1.37 billion in net sales annually and accounting for 26.4% of all books sold. Demographically, 56% of romance readers are under age 44, and 74% have college degrees. Overall, these women are computer-literate and comfortable with new technologies. They are also voracious consumers, having read an average of nine romance novels each in 2006. Digital content offers a way for women to keep their interest in erotic romance discreet, portable, and affordable. Schmidt points out that e-publishing is also an eco-friendly alternative to the environmentally damaging nature of traditional mass market publishing. With thousands of new romance titles printed, warehoused, and shipped each year in the U.S. alone, the environmental impact is significant.

Visit Ravenous Romance™ online at, where you can download a free Hot Fling™ and register to win an iPod Touch.



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