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Friday, July 18, 2008

post-In The Flesh Friday wrapup

post-In The Flesh silliness

A silly little shot I took after last night's In The Flesh, where I was a huge stress mess due to having lugged 8 bags of stuff in a cab downtown and still managed to forget my Spanked books and postcards. In happy news, on August 21st, we're showing the Spanked trailer, hearing from several contributors, and there will be books. I did manage to serve copious amounts of food, including chocolate-covered peanut butter pretzels from Trader Joe's. YUMMY. Also, Samara O'Shea makes me swoon. And want to write in my journal. More on her brilliant new book Note to Self very soon. All the readers were great. I even got over my nerves and read part of Rick Roberts's story "Spanking You." Major thanks to Stacie and Desiree for helping me stay somewhat calm. And to all my lovely readers and, as always, the Happy Ending staff.

Right now, I still plan to end In The Flesh this December. I probably have to decide for real by September or October. I'm going to be doing things a little differently so I don't get so stressed, like bring the food and giveaway stuff there earlier in the week. I love my little reading series and want it to continue, but not if I'm totally out of it every month. In general right now I'm working on catching up and both seeing my friends and family and having some much-needed solo time so I can actually write more than a few sentences at a time. I'm also going to Seattle next weekend to visit my boyfriend, and his family, which will be an adventure, largely because by "Seattle" I mean an hour and a half outside of Seattle in a cabin. There has been talk of chainsaws. I am still stuck on what to pack.

I also just booked my trip to Minneapolis from August 8th-11th, where I will be visiting the likes of Courtney McLean, Max Sparber, Coco Mault, Alexis McKinnis, and Aaron Landry. I'm going to check out Courtney in The Fringe Festival, eat cupcakes with the newly formed Minneapolis Cupcake Meetup, and do a Dirty Girls reading on August 10th (plus open mic!) at the extra-fabulous Smitten Kitten, where there may be a week-old baby in attendance (co-owner Jennifer is due the week before). And, um...I want to go to the Mall of America. Oh, and on August 8th I will start a 21-day not-so-subliminal SXSW onslaught to get you to vote for my proposed panel "Nom Nom Nom: The Secrets of Successful Foodblogging." More on August 8th, but for now, 2 words: free cupcakes. Yes, I am willing to go all Gary Vaynerchuk and bribe you to show up to my panel, but first we have to get in.

I'm also still swooning over my book Spanked, even while trying to figure out why Vimeo took my book trailer down. Not to worry, you can watch it on YouTube or Blip. But still.


This week I got to be a guest co-host with Anna David on Sex Files on Sirius Radio. We had the wonderful Dare author and It Girl Abiola Abrams on and talked about all kinds of sexual fantasies, from rape fantasies to crossdressing and more. It was lots of fun. Here's me in the studio, and Anna and Abiola.

me on Sex Files

Anna David hosting Sex Files

Abiola Abrams in the Sirius Studio



At July 18, 2008, Blogger EllaRegina said...

It was truly a pitch-perfect evening! (By the way, from where I was sitting nerves were not in evidence with your flawless reading of Mr. Roberts' red-tailed tale).

The talk at my table was that it was a shame you were planning to end the series. Of course you must do what's right for you but might it help if you had more help? It seems plain wrong that you should be schlepping 8 bags of stuff by yourself in a cab. Tasks could be delegated to volunteers; I bet there are some willing and responsible souls who'd step up to the plate. In fact, let me be the first to raise a hand in that direction. Seems like having a helper crew would cut down on stress bigtime. Just a thought.

In The Flesh is a great and popular series, a showcase for both new and established writers as well as a very comfortable literary locus for everyone involved. It would be sad to see it go.

Have a nice vacation and don't pack a chainsaw in your carry-on.


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