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Sunday, July 13, 2008

The forgotten paddle

It was one of those days, where I got home late from the spa, had to scramble this morning to gather outfits and implements. I have 2 very pretty paddles...somewhere. But I did have this pretty purple heart-shaped one that would've looked great in the trailer. Guess who put it in her bag, then thought she'd forgotten it and didn't see it in there? Whoops. Still, I have learned, especially with this, not to overthink it. I wrote the "script" yesterday and we improvised a lot and Sara is going to work her directorial magic. I have many deadlines to meet and have been distracted enough this weekend. I'm really excited to see where the book trailer winds up; I've been a YouTube member for a while, but now it's time to join Vimeo, Blip, Viddler, Tubemogul and whatever other sites I can find to spread the word.

We have a big campaign planned ("we" really means me but it sounds nicer that way, doesn't it?), including an August virtual book tour and telling everyone I know and many I don't about the trailer. I'm excited. It's an experiment, about a book I believe is my best one yet. So here's something that didn't make it in, but is still worth ogling:

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