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Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Tristan Taormino's final edition of Best Lesbian Erotica

First Susie Bright stops editing Best American Erotica, and now this. Wow. Shar Rednour and Tristan Taormino were the very first people to publish my erotica, way back when I was a clueless law student fumbling her way out of NYU Law and into the unknown.

I'm honored to have been published in BLE a few more times since that 2001 edition, but that story, "Monica and Me," will always be one of my favorites. (Clearly, if I'm getting my news from The Village Voice, I have no inside scoop on this one.)

I am looking forward to Susie Bright's X: The Erotic Treasury, which includes a story of mine. It's going to have a slip cover and promises to be a really beautiful book, the kind that could never in a million years be replicated on an e-reader (I know, I know, I'm supposed to be super excited about e-publishing, and I am...for other people. I will publish electronically, I'm sure, but as a reader, I'm a book girl all the way.)

The reigning mistress of erotica, Susie Bright, has expertly chosen 40 of the hottest stories ever written: breathtaking new stories as well as the most sought-after stories from The Best American Erotica series. Designed in a "gotta-touch-it" slipcase with a cloth-covered book, the package cultivates the quality and taboo satisfaction of the ­stories themselves. Luminaries like Carol Queen and Robert Olen Butler contribute to the stories about all kinds of lovers: heartbreakers, foxes, maniacs, romanticists, hell-raisers, and utter bandits. This delicious collection is certain to satisfy.



At June 17, 2008, Anonymous Sue Katz said...

Thanks for news of what promises to be another wonderfully arousing project from Susie Bright. Looking forward to reading your story, Rachel. Ooohh yum, the anticipation...!


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