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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Stuff Very White People Like

Douche Me Not

I saw the first episode of WASP Cove and omg, it was hilarious. We were sitting in Comix, right in front of the stage, yet transported back to the heights of 80's ridiculousness. The best part imo was the live commercials, including one for Douche Me Not, captured above. Just wow. Plus it's written by Rachel Shukert and Julie Klausner, who play their respective roles to the hilt.

The next one's on Monday - I Highly recommend it, details at the bottom of this post.

Here's a description of the show from offoffonline:

Glamour. Passion. Betrayal. Caviar. Incest. Soup served at room temperature. These are just a few of the things that made television great. In the late 1980\'s, legendary producer Shmulik Adding, (the most Jewish person on the planet until a team of Hungarian scientists created the entity known as \"Alan Greenspan\" in 1926), taught America all it knows about the glamorous world of back-stabbing gentiles with his never-seen prime time soap opera, Wasp Cove. Now, live on stage, The Breathe Network presents the lost episodes of the ground-breaking dramatic tour-de-force starring estranged sisters Daryl Van Hampton (Julie Klausner) and Donna Kettering (Rachel Shukert), one a high-powered fashion designer, the other a vulnerable Connecticut housewife.

And a bit from Nate Sloan's writeup in New York Press:

“Rachel and I had discovered Dynasty over the holidays, a show that is somehow more insane than anybody ever realized when it was actually on the air,” says Klausner. “People who write sketch comedy who think their premises and characters are so fucked up just got served by Aaron Spelling 25 years ago. To make anything more bananas than the original series seemed like a fun challenge. It’s also worth noting that Rachel and I are huge Jews, and we always found it funny how Dynasty is basically Aaron Spelling’s love letter to WASP culture—between the gin and the sniping and the square-jawed shiksa goddesses pushing cold veal aspic around on their plates. To think, all this from a man who couldn’t be more Jewish if his first name was Rabbi.”

Wasp Cove 2: "Lights! Camera! Fashion!"

“Sloane, go to an undisclosed location while I confront my estranged sister.”

Wasp Cove is back!

And Episode Two is a work of art.

‘Lights! Camera! Fashion!’

Sloane’s first fashion shoot ends in tears as Donna falls off the wagon.Meanwhile, Rip flashes back to the swinging 1960’s, when Daryl was in his heart and in his bed.

Directed by Michael Schiralli
Featuring special guests Eric Drysdale, Miriam Tolan, Neal Medlyn, Andrew Andrew, David Ilku, Eli Newell, and Michael Schulman as Truman Capote.
Starring Chris Caniglia, Megan Stern, Rachel Shukert, Ryan Karels, Julie Klausner, Jodi Lennon, and David Rakoff Written & Created by Rachel Shukert & Julie Klausner

Monday, June 16th

8 PM at Comix

353 West 14th Street b/n 8th & 9th Avenues

212-352 2716 for tickets

Tickets $15 in advance $20 at the door

(see full size image here)



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