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Monday, April 21, 2008

Scott D. Pomfret, "The Back of the Papal Bus"

Not sure yet how it turned out, but check out gay memoirist (and Romenics co-founder) Scott D. Pomfret on "The Back of the Papal Bus:"

Check out this timeline:

Feb. 1

I pay $60 bucks for the chance to participate in the lottery for tickets to the April 20 Papal Mass in Yankee Stadium.

March 17

The Archdiocese notifies me that I have won a ticket. The update includes a list of recipients that shows my name and address.

April 3

The Archdiocese notifies me that no security concerns have been identified and re-publishes a list with my name and address on it indicating where I should board the bus that will take me from Boston to Yankee Stadium.


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