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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

San Francisco snapshots

Some Dirty Girls reading snapshots by Guy Gayle (see full set on Flickr). Many thanks to all the wonderful readers, Les of Cafe Royale for hosting, Red Stripe for sponsoring, the people with the free chutney samples (sorry, don't have their company name in front of me) and Andie East of Seal Press for being an awesome publicist and coming to my rescue with books. The reading went really well and it was wonderful to see so many familiar faces in the audience.

And is it me or is it kindof juvenile for the chutney person to have done the rabbit ears in this photo?

L to R: Melissa Gira, Donna George Storey, Gina de Vries, Carol Queen, me

My friend Shar Rednour of Sharlene's Babycakes, pictured with me below, is the woman who published my very first erotica story way back when, "Monica and Me," in her anthology Starf*cker. For a long time, I had the answering machine message she left me saved on tape. She made so many cupcakes for me, but I only got to try the sunken lemon ones. So good!

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