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Saturday, April 19, 2008

Photos from In The Flesh and my reading series immortalized in a book!

More photos are coming, but I wanted to tell you we had a packed room, at least 75 people, out to see a stellar lineup. We'll have video soon too, but you can't capture the looks on people's faces as they passed around the dildo, pictured below, that HoneyB had people fondle while she read (she also had a feather tickler going around the room. Then we did trivia and Lolita Wolf won a copy of HoneyB's Sexcapades and the dildo! Awesome.

These photos are by Viviane of The Sex Carnival.

L to R: Rachel Kramer Bussel, Sarah Thyre, Sofia Quintero, HoneyB, Stephanie Whited, Marie Lyn Bernard

Not pictured (by choice): Suzanne Portnoy

Also, just found out (I have started the book but haven't had time to finish it yet) that In The Flesh gets mentioned in Suzanne Portnoy's new book The Not So Invisible Woman, about her last time reading here. Woo-hoo! My little reading series is now immortalized in print.

On the table last night, photo by Viviane:

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