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Saturday, April 26, 2008

I'm in San Francisco, here's Twanna on Wine Library TV

I'm in the Mission in San Francisco, here for Monday night's Dirty Girls reading (please come! It's free and there'll be free cupcakes). I'm also hoping to get someone to go see Harold and Kumar with me and after Passover's over will be hunting down the city's cupcakes, and going to lunch with the fabulous folks over at Foodbuzz, our Cupcakes Take the Cake advertiser and meeting with my publisher, Cleis Press. And, of course, doing some of the work I find it impossible to get done at home.

Here's a video of my friend Twanna talking about wine on dates on Wine Library TV. I know nothing about wine and when I used to drink would have green wine (really), so please listen to her and Gary Vanerchuk.


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