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Saturday, March 01, 2008

Today at 5, I'm moderating the "Women Behind the Lens" panel

Come check it out as well as the rest of the awesome CineKink lineup. (Really, some great, great stuff, including "Coming Out Spanko" by the fabulous Tanya Bezreh, who I met during a storm-filled weekend in Boston a few years ago. There's some great stuff tomorrow, too, including a Maria Beatty film, Silken Sleeves, featuring Midori, pictured below.

Saturday, March 1st – 5 pm

“Women Behind The Lens” - Panel Discussion

Smut NYCWhether they call their work erotica, pornography or adult entertainment, a growing number of female directors have been carving out key positions for
themselves in the adult sector of the film production world.

A panel of these directors will discuss their roles within the industry and the individual approach each takes in depicting sexuality on screen. How does each reconcile the creative work they do with a feminist viewpoint? What are the ingredients of a truly hot sex scene? Is spit really an effective form of lubricant? Additional questions from the audience will be encouraged and film clips will be shown!

Moderated by Rachel Kramer Bussel, panelists to date include Shine L. Houston, Audacia Ray, Candida Royalle and Julie Simone.

Sunday, March 2nd – 5 pm

US Premiere!

Silken Sleeves

O Maria Beatty, 2006, USA, 50 minutes.

In a journey through four seasons of domination and submission, Midori, by turns playful and cruel, captures and binds the delicate Mayan, whose
struggles avail her nothing in the presence of such rope-wielding expertise.


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