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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Natalie Krinsky at The Frisky

"So whatever happened to Natalie Krinsky?" people sometimes ask me. And by "people,"I mean fellow former sex columnists. You may remember her as the former Yale Daily News columnist, Chloe Does Yale author, and, briefly, Village Voice blogger.

It turns out she, along with many former Jane staffers, Maxim Sirius radio show co-host John DeVore and Harvard blogger Lena "She likes her men the way she likes her university: well-endowed" Chen are writing for new site The Frisky, which bills itself as "a daily romp on the sexy side." Krinsky writes that dating a Manorexic is a dealbreaker. It's a funny piece, and while I tend to share her view...I wonder if a man or woman wrote about dating a female anorexic, could they get away with being so jokey? Then again, I still think big bellies are sexy, so I'm probably not the right audience for that piece.

Haven't explored the site yet but it looks promising. Let's hope it lasts longer than The PEEQ did!

Not sure who's funding The Frisky; Conde Nast launched Daily Bedpost last year, which has been doing some great interviews and general sex news blogging. I'm also a huge fan of Viviane's Sex Carnival and Boinkology for straightforward, up-to-date, personal and insightful commentary on sex with a political edge to it. It's funny because I really wanted to include some blog writing in Best Sex Writing 2008, but while there was a lot I loved, only the Sexerati Pink Ghetto piece made it in, largely due to the nature of blogs. Posts are shorter, which is great for online, not as great when editing a book. Then again, Lauren Berlant's (who will always be known to me as the co-editor of one of my favorite books, Our Monica, Ourselves) short but amazing piece in The Nation, "Against Sexual Scandal," is a contender for the 2009 edition. Here's a counterargument at Popmatters.


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