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Sunday, March 30, 2008

I heart Sara Benincasa

Sara Benincasa photo by Anya Garrett via Flickr

What's up with this? Sara Benincasa runs the wonderful Family Hour With Auntie Sara, blogs for Nerve, and is super funny. She also does interviews in the bathtub.

Read the enlarged version

From Sara's latest newsletter:

Ooh! Interested in Internet controversies?

Last week, I noted the disturbing similarities between SuperDeluxe's new bathtub talk show, "Bathing with Bierko" (starring actor Craig Bieko of TV's "Unhitched") and my own show,'s "Tub Talk with Sara B." (

SuperDeluxe showed good humor and great form in interviewing me about the controversy for their blog at But then the suits took that blog post down not 6 hours after it had first gone up! The given reason was "Artist Relations," which I think means that Craig Bierko cried when he found out I knew how much he adored me.

But guess what? Turns out I'd already printed it out, and my boyfriend has a scanner! Enjoy the censored (and hilarious) interview here:

(And check out Bierko's shameless effort to incur my wrath/desire at


At March 31, 2008, Blogger Sara Benincasa said...

I adore mi amor.

I appreciate this so much!

One day, when Craig Bierko appears at my wedding in a desperate attempt to stop the proceedings, and you are the ceremonial pagan minister at this affair, you can seduce him with cupcakes and lust and then my husband/hersband and I will run away to safety.

And then you can be Rachel Kramer Bussel Bierko and John Malkovich will live in your bathtub all day long!


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