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Tuesday, February 26, 2008


The first is me outside Buttercream Coffee & Cupcakes in Coral Gables (it's only been open 2 weeks) with the super adorable Tashi, whose dress I coveted and who knows way more Spanish than I do and was just beyond adorable.

With Tashi outside Buttercream

These others were taken by my photographer friend Stacie Joy, a few weekends ago when it snowed. We tried to shoot outdoors but it didn't work. I've since lost the hat (but I do have another one!) and plan to replace it, but I'm glad we captured it on film cause I have never gotten so many compliments on any piece of clothing before, and it was super warm. I got it on the SE corner of Prince and Mercer, I believe, if anyone wants one.

Headshot by Stacie Joy

RKB by Stacie Joy

Headshot with purple fuzzy hat


At February 26, 2008, Blogger Stacie Joy said...

Long live the fuzzy purple hat!

At February 27, 2008, Blogger FUNKYBROWNCHICK said...

Hey pretty lady! Like the pics. Stacie's kickass. I sooo need to talk to her about photos.

By the way, your name came up the other day. Bill Wadman shot me. He sings your praises.

In any case, I'm gonna write about the shoot on Nerve as soon as I get the photos. I'll email you a private copy of the juicy shots! ;)

At February 27, 2008, Blogger FUNKYBROWNCHICK said...

Okay, so, um, I spoke too soon. Just checked his site again. No need to email you the pics; they're already posted.

He makes me look prettier than I feel.

At February 27, 2008, Blogger Curvaceous Dee said...

I was looking at your post in RSS when Apollo wandered past me, spotted the second picture (which I was admiring) and said, "Who's that? She's really pretty." *grin*

In response, I picked 'Best Sex Writing 2008' up off my desk and said "That's Rachel. Yep, she's hot!"

Love the purple hat, too :)

xx Dee


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