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Friday, February 22, 2008

Cinekink starts next week

CineKink, the "really alternative film festival," starts next week. (Some of you, or maybe just me, may recall my 2005 Gothamist interview with CineKink organizer Lisa Vandever.) Tuesday, to be precise. Visit their site for the full, sexy schedule. I'm moderating a panel on Saturday, March 1st, called Women Behind the Lens, and will also be there on Tuesday and on Saturday and Sunday March 1st and 2nd covering it for Penthouse Variations and Adult Friend Finder. Also, a lucky 40 of you at the opening night party will get copies of my books He's on Top and She's on Top in the gift bags! That sounds so fancy to me, and was a little pricey, but I couldn't resist. And there's a hot ad, very kindly designed for me by Mr. Brett Jackson, in the program for my new books.

Speaking of which, Yes, Sir and Yes, Ma'am are on their way to me. I should get them in next week. The feeling of opening up a box of books, ones that were once just endless words on a screen, then galley pages, and seeing something real that will be on actual bookstore shelves, never fails to put a big smile on my face. I need things like that to look forward to.

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