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Sunday, September 16, 2007

Comedy Addiction Tour

I think the idea for the Comedy Addiction Tour is really awesome, but when is it coming to NYC?? The only comic I know of on the lineup is Jesse Joyce, but I'll definitely be paying attention. The following is from their MySpace page:

"The Comedy Addiction Tour" employs very funny, hard working, road seasoned comedians who have unique stories to tell of their lives of excess and addiction. But, this groundbreaking 100 plus minute comedy show is different from other themed comedy tours. The humor is carefully written to appeal to those in recovery, those that know someone who is, and those that just want a great evening of universally appealing comedy. Over the course of the performance, each comedian will expose the wild and funny reflections and inherent terror of living an addicted lifestyle.

Also thought this was interesting:

The Comedy Addiction Tour or individual members are available to perform at prisons, jails, rehab and treatment facilities,
halfway houses or AA and NA meetings. Anonymity of our audience members is guaranteed.



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