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Monday, October 24, 2005

Miriam's done it again - this time on "the walk of shame"

I have a lot I want to post, about gossip and New York's small worldness, the good and the bad, and Lisa Carver's absolutely fucking brilliant book Drugs Are Nice and other things but...that will have to wait. Too tired and too much to do. For now, I will point you to my awesome friend Miriam Datskovsky's latest Columbia Spectator Sexplorations column about the meaning of "the walk of shame." I know I keep linking to her, but it's because her columns keep blowing me away.

As funny as it may be, there is something seriously wrong with the phrase “the walk of shame.” Yes, you might still be wearing your clothes from the night before and your makeup might be running down the sides of your face—but who said anything about shame? It’s easy to say “who cares” and be done with it; the truth is that shame and judgment are prevalent in sexual culture. We are ashamed of, and we judge, everything from a small penis to unshaven legs to the clothes we wear. College students aren’t the only culprits; journalists and sexperts alike judge and degrade our ability to think and act clearly when it comes to sex.


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