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Thursday, March 20, 2014

CatalystCon East and West

Last Friday and Saturday I had the pleasure of attending CatalystCon in Arlington, Virginia and teaching three-hour long erotica and sex writing workshops. It was my first time teaching nonfiction, and I had to push myself but I learned a lot, and I hope students in both classes are sending their work out, because they have a lot of wonderful ideas, and doing those extended workshops made me want to teach more and made me think about what I can offer by way of encouragement to those new to the fields. I still feel as if this career is one I stumbled into after law school, but maybe I was led here by more than chance. Being at Catalyst reinforced that for me, that this is what I love doing, and I love the challenge of thinking about what would make a good story, fiction or nonfiction, and trying to shape words to make that happen.

I met people from all over the U.S. and beyond, heard amazing stories, learned about sex work and porn, played Cards Against Humanity and was incredibly inspired, and that's with me only staying for a small part of the conference. If you're on or near the West Coast, check out CatalystCon West September 11-14 in Los Angeles. I am working to put together a kickass panel pitch on erotica, so I hope to be there again. If you know anyone interested in sexuality, feminism, activism and learning new things, I recommend you check it out. I'd write more but am in the middle of packing to move soon and assorted deadlines this week, but was inspired as a writer, educator and person. There were many bloggers and others I've corresponded with, but there were also people who were new to me and each other who bonded (again, Cards Against Humanity!) and developed a camaraderie I was impressed with.

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