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Monday, September 16, 2013

Anal sex erotica on your Kindle or Nook: Happy publication day, Baby Got Back ebook!

As someone who reads print books as well as ebooks on Nook and Kindle (and Kindle for Mac), I'm thrilled that almost all my books are available in ebook form. Today is the official publication date for Baby Got Back: Anal Erotica for Kindle and Nook.

(note: I can't grab this image without the "look inside" part - go to Amazon to actually look inside it!)

I'll take this opportunity to share a review that was just posted on Amazon, especially the praise for mega bestselling author Tiffany Reisz, because to me it highlights the importance of erotica to many people. First and foremost, I see erotica as entertainment, on par with any other art form. But because it's about sex, it touches many people very deeply, which is why readers are often very picky about what they do and don't like in their smut. Whether they're masturbating as they read, or mentally masturbating, or looking for new ideas to try or simply looking for escape, arousal and/or a good story, they bring their own backgrounds and interests into it. I'm thrilled with this review by eagelebeaky, and you can read 23 others on Amazon.
This is a terrific collection of short stories, from beginning to... uhhh... end. (No pun intended. Well, maybe a little.) I found the first story -- "Brenda's Booty" -- to have quite a few downright funny moments [which honestly wasn't at all what I was expecting, considering the "taboo" nature of the subject matter]; I pretty much couldn't put the book down after that. (But that's OK, since it's a really fun read.) I especially appreciated the story "Rectified" due to the fact that the main character has a disabling/chronic medical condition; however, she is portrayed as an actual human being with needs and desires just like anyone else. (Kudos to the story's author and also to the book's editor for including a story like that, that dares to portray believable characters who sometimes have hang-ups and fears and obstacles to overcome.) "Lights Out" is an amazing little story of role-reversal. "Seat Belts" is just ridiculously hot. And "Plugged In" just seemed so relatable that it could've been about any couple in a relationship [one minute the characters are browsing in a store, and... well... then the story really heats up]. If you're a fan of any of editor Rachel Kramer Bussel's other anthologies, it goes without saying that you are certainly going to want to read this one as well. And if you're not yet familiar with any of her previous collections, I'm pretty sure you will be a fan after giving this one a try.

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