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Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Anal sex erotica excerpt: "Brenda's Booty" by Tenille Brown in Baby Got Back

My new Cleis Press anthology Baby Got Back: Anal Erotica will be in my hands very soon, and for sale online and in bookstores probably by the end of July. I'll be posting short excerpts from each story here. And I have 6 more copies available to send to Amazon reviewers (I have 44 envelopes already filled out waiting to be mailed when my copies arrive); you must be in the U.S., have an Amazon account you've made a purchase from, and agree to review the book on within 6 weeks (you are free to review it elsewhere as well but this is a promotion for Amazon). Email analantho at with "Amazon" in the subject line and your name and mailing address in the body. I'll update this post once those 6 are taken. The book is on Goodreads if you want to add it to your to read list. This excerpt is from the first story, "Brenda's Booty," by Tenille Brown, who you can follow @TheRealTenille on Twitter.

From "Brenda's Booty" by Tenille Brown

“You’re an ass man. How typical.” Brenda sucked her teeth.

This was after Lewis had hugged her hello and accidentally let his hand slip lower than the small of her back.

The first time she let him touch her and her ass was what he went for. Greedy and impatient, like a kid.

“How typical of you to call me typical,” Lewis said, blatantly and roughly rubbing her rump now through the cotton of her dress.

Brenda slapped at Lewis’s hands. “Don’t make me change my mind about getting in this car.”

“No, don’t do that. I have a whole thing planned, and that might just ruin it.”

Lewis was smooth, and Brenda was almost tempted to say she had met her match. It was all new to her. She was perplexed.

He stopped flirting with her ass long enough to open the door of his convertible for her.

The drive was scenic and long, but the talk was stimulating. Brenda barely noticed that nearly two hours had passed before they reached their destination.

“A drive-in?” She cocked her head.

“And it ain’t typical,” Lewis affirmed.

Brenda took off her seat belt and glared up at the screen. “Well, it was in nineteen-sixty-five,” she said.

Lewis removed his own seat belt and the belt around his jeans as well. “Then I want you to tell me if this is typical. Bring your slick-talking ass over here and have a seat on my lap.”

If she were in her twenties, Brenda might have hesitated, but she was thirty-seven. She didn’t have a three-month, three-week or even three-day rule. She could fuck whenever she felt good and goddamned ready.

And she was ready.
Table of Contents

Introduction: Prepared for Pleasure (read it here) Brenda’s Booty Tenille Brown
Rectified Tiffany Reisz
Delivery Emerald
My Turn Anya Levin
A Winter’s Tail Veronica Wilde
No Rest for the Sick Medea Mor
Vin Rouge Pour Trois Erobintica
The Support Group Fiona Curtis
Lights Out Angela R. Sargenti
Bar None Mina Murray
Seat Belts Kate Dominic
Better Than a Massage Annabeth Leong
Body Heat Shoshanna Evers
What You Feel Like Talon Rihai and Salome Wilde
Her Kingdom for Her Ass Maggie Morton
A Taste of Jamaica D. Fostalove
Hard Astern Thomas S. Roche
In Training D. L. King
Everybody Knows Giselle Renarde
With Lucy in the Middle Kathleen Tudor
Keeping the British End Up M. Howard
Two-Timing Laura Antoniou
Plugged In Rachel Kramer Bussel

Buy Baby Got Back: Anal Erotica from (ebook links will be added when they're for sale):




IndieBound (find your local independent bookstore)

Cleis Press

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