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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Link love: author couple stave off losing home with bestselling romances

On the flight to Kansas City for RT Convention, I met librarian Fred LeBaron. We were seated next to each other and he guessed correctly where I was headed. He recommended several books, including those of author Jasinda Wilder, the pen name of a couple who've sold close to a million ebooks. There are several available for free download. I'm way behind in my reading so haven't read them yet, but plan to, along with the latest, Falling Into You. No, not every self-publisher will be a giant success story, but these are heartwarming and, to me, are what the ebook revolution is all about. I can't find it right now but New Adult author Colleen Hoover had a similar post last year; I recommend her blog for that shot of writing inspiration (and, of course, books) too. And with that, back to work for me! Tomorrow is the deadline for my 1,200-word-or-less BDSM erotica anthology, which I'm excited to wrap up.

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