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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Ice ice bar, baby

Oops, wrote this the other day and thought it had posted (I can't access this actual blog in Dubai, like many sites, it's blocked, so I just noticed).

Whirlwind day in Dubai, the first day I've gotten up at a relatively normal hour, despite crazy insomnia that had me up finishing Valerie Frankel's hilarious 2004 novel The Not-So-Perfect Man (also hilarious is how dated references can be in just 8 years, which is not a knock on Valerie at all, I highly recommend the novel and it was a perfect, sweet, funny vacation read). Anyway, I did manage to get up and greet the day and visit a beautiful ice bar, Chill Out (my first time at at ice bar but certainly not my last), which I plan to write about, geeked out at a Sanrio store, used my new cell phone to set up some cool appointments and then visited another mall, where I learned that Borders isn't just alive and well, it's touting Fifty Shades of Grey. And I took photos of Ski Dubai, the indoor ski park. And being a good New Yorker, if not a good tourist, I went to Shake Shack. I even wrote some Skype erotica in between my running around. Also, I love the Dubai Metro. It's clean, easy to follow and they announce in text and loudspeaker what the next station is, in Arabic and English. That's all for now.

chilling out at Chill Out

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