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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

$1.99 erotic romance anthologies: Passion and Obsessed

My anthologies Passion: Erotic Romance for Women and Obsessed: Erotic Romance for Women are only $1.99, a huge bargain, on Kindle right now! Not sure how long this sale lasts, but check it out. They even made the Amazon erotica bestseller list (they've been shifting, but as of this posting, Passion is #18). And you do NOT need to own a Kindle to read Kindle books; just download Kindle for your computer (I actually read largely on Kindle for Mac, because I like the layout). Yay for happy news! I still have getting a book trailer on Amazon on my editorial bucket list, but I think it will have to be far far afield of erotica for that to happen. That is in the works too, if I can motivate. Fingers crossed.

Passion: Erotic Romance for Women

Obsessed: Erotic Romance for Women

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At June 22, 2012, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love this Cleis offer! I downloaded all five discounted books, and so far I'm enjoying them a lot. Please pass on my gratitude to the powers that be!

At June 22, 2012, Blogger Rachel said...

Thanks! Separate from this offer, I've tried out a lot of ebooks at the $1.99 or 99 cent price, because I feel like the risk is low, and if it's something you were already into, then it's a real bargain. I'm hoping they'll keep doing these discounts because it gives people a chance to try something they might not have. Happy reading!


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